“First impression walking through the door: WOW, they have some AMAZING firearms there. I mean, things I’ve never even seen in person, and they were happy to hand them off to me to check out. When I was there, they had 2 ACRs (1 tan, 1 black), 1 SCAR, an AR pistol, 2 M6s, an FN Police Sniper rifle, a .308 REPR (amazing), and plenty various AR and other rifles. In addition, they have a manufacturers license, and the owner showed me several AK-47s they were working on as well as some SAIGAs and all sorts of incredible things. They even had several off roster Sigs, as well as a couple Glocks. The owner said he intended to get some Springfields, CZs, and other more common handguns. There was also a healthy selection of AR rails, muzzle brakes, general parts, and even some PMAGs at great prices, but that’s not even the best part.”

I believe we are long overdue for a shop like this.

When I inquired about his unique selection of firearms and his general business model, he revealed to me that it was his intention to make a name for himself in getting his customers off-roster pistols (legally of course) and rarer rifles and firearms. The shop will have the full capability of manufacturing, and therefore will have a great leg up in this department. Specifically we discussed off roster 1911 pistols, for which I believe he said he had an extended barrel and a fixed single shot magazine. We also discussed rifle caliber pistols, and he said he had already placed an order for some DRACO 7.62×39 pistols as well as some others (more AR pistols I think).

As a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction, a friend of mine ordered an AR-15 upper and lower receiver from them very recently. He ordered a very basic stock, but upon hearing word that the stock wasn’t going to be available, one of the owners, Tim, offered to upgrade his stock at no additional cost. Needless to say, these people never ceased to impress me, as few stores would be so good to a single customer, particularly in their situation as a new and not yet financially self-sufficient vendor.

I believe we are long overdue for a shop like this. The owners displayed none of the rude tendencies towards customers that I find in so many other firearms stores around the bay area. They encouraged me to hold and experience their firearms without event the slightest request from me. But most of all, they are willing to go out on a limb and get the California people what they want.

“This place is awesome. I stopped by for a little while tonight, and even though it’s somewhat rugged in there at this point, they already have a nice selection of high-end black rifles and some sweet pistols. Once it’s fully set-up and everything they have on order comes in, its going to be my go-to place in the Bay, for sure. Good people, fair prices (only $50 for a dealer-to-dealer transfer is amazing in these times of so much gouging elsewhere)… I like their attitude, too, no pretentiousness or other BS. Plus, the willingness, even eagerness to get off-roster pistols to us is great. Nice shop, Valkyrie, you guys should do well.

“I decided to pay them a visit today after taking off from work. These guys are the real deal. The place is still a bit rough as everyone said. But what they have already is very, very cool. They’re more than happy to show you whatever they’ve got and chat about the plans they have. Sure, it’s new but they have a ton of enthusiasm for what they’re about to do. They’ll actively ask for your suggestions too. Fancy that, a business that wants their customers’ input.

“Valkyrie Arms has by far the best prices and they are willing to do single shot exceptions. They always have an interesting selection as they almost always have a few rare non-rostered pistols in the case. Tim and his crew are great, I just can’t wait until they expand the store and stock of accessories/ammo. While I have not done a PPT here, the prices are decent and they don’t have any “limits” on when you can come in the store and trade. Lastly, they had a Calguns lower in case!

“Hey to everyone at Valkyrie, thanks for your time last night… You guys were really cool and definitely customer focused. It was great talking to you guys and it was nice to get away from my girlfriend for 5 minutes. GUNS!

“I picked up my TRP Operator yesterday and I have got to say, this is THE BEST STORE with the BEST GROUP OF GUYS, the nicest, most polite, most accommodating I have ever met and experienced.These guys are awesome. The Bay Area has needed a shop like this for a long time!

“Went in to Valkyrie Arms yesterday after reading about them on Calguns. Pretty cool shop. The guys there were very helpful and friendly. I originally was intent on getting either a WASR-10 or an FN 5.7, but I ended up getting a Draco — kind of the best of both worlds in a way. I still might need to get a 5.7, but I think my AK fix is cured for now. If you haven’t stopped in to Valkyrie Arms yet, check them out!

“For anyone thinking about going here, just go. Small store but great place. Just did paperwork for my AR15 last night. Guys there were welcoming and let me handle basically anything.