Off Roster Pistols

Daisy Hunting Air Pistol


It is a compact but a resourceful pistol that you can have for small game hunting and a number of other purposes. It is a CO2 powered semi-automatic type of a gun, which has great potential to do the best job in this category of guns. Apart from the pellets, the BB ammunition can also be used in the cannon. The main attraction of this equipment is its smooth and sturdy bore steel barrel which mimics a real gun with very close approximation. The built in magazine will allow you 21 BB shots. The speed of shooting is measured in Feet Per Second (FPS) and this one can shoot at 500 FPS. It comes with a useful kit as well and the major things included in the package are 3 x CO2 cylinders, shooting glasses and BB tube. For compact gun lovers, this is a great option to consider for buying. The price is amazingly low and you really wouldn’t have any second thoughts in purchasing this pistol.


Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol


This is really an amazing product in terms of its style and feel. It is a cowboy type of an air pistol with a relatively wrong barrel as compared with the standard pistols that we usually come across. It is a .177 caliber pneumatic air gun. The equipment is fairly easy to use with its single action bolt feature which ensures easier cocking and the loading of the gun. The shooting velocity is reasonably good to be at 600 FPS. It comes with an adjustable rear sight or open sights with a fixed blade front. The weight of the gun is 32 oz, which is ideal for cannon having such velocity and will give you comfort in shooting with precision. The length is 13.6 inches which is again something unique, but extremely useful for the shooter. Price is affordable and if the specifications are well within your requirements then it is not bad going for a deal.

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